Food stories in Toronto

Place Settings: Diasporic Food Identities (for any new readers: the exhibit I co-curated for my Masters) recently closed, and in case you missed it, the interactive wall had a-maz-ing food stories! Visitors contributed recipes, family memories, immigration stories, favourite flavours, and each in their own beautiful way demonstrated how food is so intrinsically tied to our identities […]

Conversation w the Curators – Place Settings: Diasporic Food Identities

In case you missed it, I have a current contemporary art exhibition on until the end of the weekend, along with two of my esteemed colleagues Madeline Smolarz and Anya Baker. Entitled Place Settings: Diasporic Food Identities, it features works by Basil AlZeri, Tonia Di Risio, and Susana Reisman. A little bit about the show:

In this exhibition, relationships with oneself and others are measured and evaluated through interactions with food preparation and consumption. Identities are assumed and interpreted based on the food at hand and how it is used. Place Settings aims to explore the manner in which food reflects our identities, and, as a result, becomes a medium for individuals to connect with others. Identities derived from perceived and felt differences can create dualities of inclusion and exclusion in the experience of eating inside and outside of one’s usual dining contexts. This duality is difficult to address; how can one reconcile the familiarity of one’s domestic past when one is displaced in an alien substitute? Each artist seeks to address the situational complexity associated with identity formation in new and strange locations.

Because we are a wonderfully awkward and verbose trio, I decided to interview the three of us reflecting on the show. Read More »