Online Resources

Below is a happy and eclectic assortment of historic food research, historic food programming, and a few occurrences of people having jolly good times with some historic basis.

This list is constantly growing!

Historic Cooking Blogs

Kitchen Historic, by a historic cook at Colonial Williamsburg. The author goes into great detail about her research process, and has a fantastically thorough resources page!

Coquinaria, a fascinating site on historic cookery from the Netherlands.

366 Days with the Berlin Cookbook blog and Cooking with the Galt Cook Book, both highly popular blogs in the Ontario Museums community!

Afroculinaria, by famed culinary historian Michael W. Twitty.

on Canada

Culinary Historians of Canada. Includes a list of Canadian cookbooks online, as well as a list of Historic Kitchens.

The Great War Centennary Site includes an article on WW1 cooking.

Early Canadiana Online includes a number of early Canadian cookbooks and recipes.

Bon appétite! An archived collection of Canadian Cookbooks at Library and Archives Canada.

for General Reference

Food Timeline has a broad overview of food history around the globe.

“Cooking up History” on the ROM Blog.

A list of digitized recipes, sources and articles on Medieval and Renaissance cooking from the Arts & Sciences website of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Historic Cooking in Popular News & Media

“Archaeologists recreate 4000 year old hittite feast to better understand their history”

“Tasty ancient recipes from Mesopotamia”

History Channel’s Hungry History Blog

An article on highlighting 7 historic kitchens in the area, if you just so happen to be in Boston!