“Let Food be thy Medicine & Medicine be thy Food” – & Other Misconceptions About Medieval Cuisine

Selected Medieval Recipes
Mushrooms Olivier

Incidentally, all of these recipes moonlight as ‘00s metal, synthpop, or folkrock bands. Hey, music makes the best medicine.Read More »


Taste, The Final Frontier: Can Museums Recreate the Flavours of History?

Selected Classical Recipes
Athenian Cabbage – The Classical Cookbook
Parthian Chicken – The Classical Cookbook
Lentils with Chestnuts – A Taste of History

GrecoRoman Pt 5.

Museums today are exploring different methods of display that incorporate senses other than sight and allow visitors to experience knowledge in new ways. It is not uncommon to see exhibits featuring soundscapes and opportunities for touch. Though growing as an interpretive tool, smell is still fairly rare.

But what about taste?Read More »